Kickstarter Goals:

  • Etch & gold plate 300 Earthling names into the Death Star PCB’s, and then send it to space & back.

  • Promote STEM education to kids by having a lot of fun and sending their GitHub code in to space.

  • Celebrate Yuri’s Night and honor Star Wars Celebration and Episode IX to bring fans together.

  • Launch a functional Death Star into space (100 km) and back for the first time in history.

Check out for HD images, videos, and a PDF of our press release.


We are really passionate about STEM Education, and so we wanted to give away one unassembled Death Star ($600 reward level) to one lucky school anywhere in the world Sept 1, 2019. Just vote every 12 hours for your favorite school. Your school will receive a full scale (100 mm diameter) 3D printed Death Star sphere, unpopulated PCB, and all the integrated circuits / electronics that go with it. Assembly of all the parts could make a great semester long extra credit lab, and Blaze Sanders (DSiS Chief Designer) would love to web conference in once a week to answer any questions.

***Please give us up to 24 hours to add your school to the list***

We are working with DSiS to demo Death Star Augmented Reality (AR) assembly line training, which translates directly into factory AR applications
— Rose Haft, CEO of Lumenora