This Interface Board is a custom 4 layer printed circuit board (PCB) that routes power from a 8.1 Volt supercapacitor bank to 150 mW LASER diode(s) and 0.2 Am^2 magnetorquer rod(s). It also transfers data between a 1350 Hz IMU, a 640 x 480 computer vision (CV) camera, a 7 mbps Wi-Fi mesh network transceiver, and a 8 core microcontroller. 

Fun Facts:

  1. One side of the PCB has black soldermask to represent the dark side of the force and the another side has white soldermask to represent the light side of the force.

  2. Targeting blue and green spheres with the LASER system may or may not be a good idea...

  3. Up to four independent LASER diodes (600 mW total power) can be attached to this PCB to createthe ultimate power in the universe.